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Your Christian Book Writing Coach Helps You

Turn Your

into a manuscript ready for a professional editor

with our guided 12-month book-writing process.

"By the end of this year, I'll be on my third book!"

- Marcus Gradney

Comprehensive Process

learn how to write a book from a vague idea to a fine-tune core message.

Practical Execution

take the process and put it into practice with every assignment.

Personal Feedback

receive feedback from expert, published authors every step of the way.

Who Needs a Christian Book Writing Coach

You've been called to share, but you don't know where or how to start. Your Christian book writing coach will give you the framework to move from concept to manuscript ready for submission to a professional book editor. And we'll walk with you every step of the way.

The Starter

You've dreamed of writing a book, but the process feels overwhelming. And you're wondering where and how to start? 

The Writer

You know the message you want to deliver. AND you're not sure your book brings a fresh, divinely-inspired perspective...yet.

The Teacher

You have lessons you've lived and want to share. But you need professional help putting them into a book that keeps the reader's attention.

The world needs the message you're called to write. And they need it written from your Christian perspective. Now more than ever.

"But His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones; and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not hold back."
- Jeremiah 20:9
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By the end of this 12-month coaching program you will have...



You have a lot to share. And yet, the best books build and come back to a central theme again and again. Your writing coach will help you distill your thoughts into the thread that holds the story together from beginning to end.


YOUR BOOK'S STRUCTURE, outline & Rough Draft

Order creates peace and understanding, both in life and in a book. In our work together, we will help you develop your story structure with an outline. And then you'll write your rough draft, with our feedback, one page at a time.


Community of people you'll never forget

The writing process is difficult. And connecting with a group of people, walking the same path can be powerful. Writers tell us the community they build is one of the most powerful parts of the writing coach program.


A writing style defined by your unique voice

Corinthians tells us we all have unique gifts. And your story is unique because you are unique. Your writing coach will help you articulate your message the way only you can by using the gifts only you've been given.


Your plan to pre-build & captivate your audience

Before your book is ever published, you'll have a plan to define your target audience and start getting them excited about your message. Then your book is an easy "buy now" when it's released.


A manuscript ready to submit to an editor

What if, one year from now, you could actually submit a manuscript to a professional editor? Working with your writing coach, you can! And we can even teach you the ropes of how to choose the best editor for your audience.

Cheryl Graham

The comprehensive approach combined with practical exercises and personal feedback made my journey from a hesitant beginner to a published author not just possible but enjoyable.

Marcus Gradney

This program teaches you not only how to write but how to think Biblically as you write. I learned to think like my audience and write from my experience and perspective. This was a life dream of mine to write a book, and I have now accomplished that.

Tom Stegeman

Writing a book is difficult if you've never done it before. This program has organized me and made it feel easy. I've learned to find a core message & weave it throughout the book to keep readers engaged. Highly recommend if you want to do this right.

How Can I Work With a Christian Writing Coach?

When our writing coaches work with you, and you show up and put in the work, our promise is that you'll have a manuscript to submit to a professional editor. Having done this many, many times ourselves, we can even help you edit, publish, and market your book with you.

So, you have a few options for working with one of our writing coaches.

Join a Writing Group

with 3 - 5 peers

Our group participants tell us some of the most magic moments happen when working with their peers. Writing a book can be an emotional journey. The best part about your group is realizing you're not alone!


    Guided Lessons

    Learn the elements of writing a great book from your professional writing coach the first 12 weeks.


    Weekly Practical Exercises

    Put your learning into action. We'll identify your audience, pinpoint your core message, create your book structure, organize your outline, and write your first draft.


    Professional Feedback

    You'll submit each practical exercise for individual feedback from our writing coaches.


    Group Problem Solving

    Work through challenges with your group. Our coaches guide you in presenting challenges, and the group shares their experiences as they work through the same process. It's where the magic happens!


    Prep for Submission

    Get ready to submit your manuscript to a professional editor! We'll include the whos, hows and whens. Plus, you'll have tactics to build your audience before publication.

Group + From Writing to Distribution

You'll participate in the writing group, with access to all of the coaching, exercises, feedback and problem-solving. PLUS, our professional editors and publishers will walk your book from manuscript to publication and more.


    Professional Editing

    Once your manuscript is ready, we'll turn it over to our professional editors to get you ready to go to print.



    We have a publishing house we work with to turn your manuscript into a book you can sell and distribute.



    You've identified and started building your audience. Now it's time to offer your book to the people who need it. We have the marketing tools to make your book launch a success.

Custom Quote

Christian Ghost Writing

Many people want to write a book. And yet, some people have a message but are ready to trust a professional writer to do the work for them.

We have a team of professional writers who have published hundreds of books on behalf of others. If you have an idea for a book but prefer not to learn the process and write it yourself, we can help!

We know how to get your story out of your heart and into a book.

How Do I Make the Investment to Write My Book?

First, the biggest investment you'll make while writing your book is your time and talent. Writing a book takes effort. And there will be emotional ups and downs. That's why having a writing coach by your side can make the difference between starting a book and crossing the finish line.

With an investment of 12 months of your time and hard work, we can have you in the publishing office!

Pay in Full

If you want to pay the full fee upfront, we're happy to accept it. And we'll give you a 10% discount!

3-Monthly Payments

If you need to pay over a few months to join the program, we can do that too! 

Meet Jeff

Founder, Pastor, Coach and Friend

As a pastor and church planter for over twenty years, I understand how it feels to be called to share a message or purpose with others. I found writing has helped me grow my perspective and understand my own beliefs around different topics. As a chronic early-riser, I've been able to use my morning writing time to put together not only my own thoughts but books, messages, and small group curriculum for the churches I have served.

Using my familiarity with the Scriptures and my writing experience, I've put together a group of writing coaches to help people turn their own calling, message, passion, perspective into Christian books.

  • Over 70 books written

  • Coached over 40 published authors

  • 20+ Small Group Curriculum Workbooks

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Christian Book Writing Coach Questions We Often Receive

We are determined to help you publish your book! That's why you have lifetime access to the lessons and materials we provide. Plus, you have access to your writing coach every week for 12 months. On top of that, you'll always be able to attend our weekly feedback calls with a professional writing coach. ALWAYS! 

You can submit materials for review before the calls, and we'll give you feedback via email or on the call itself as we help you get your book across the finish line.

The cool thing is, we're there for you every month even if you've finished your book and are writing something new too!

Your weekly group meetings with your Christian Writing Coach will last 90 minutes. That includes lessons, reviews, feedback and group work.

We have a group chat available to you between meetings to reach out to the group and your writing coach. Plus, you'll be submitting your writing each week to your coach and receive personal feedback there.

This has happened many times before, friend! The writing process can feel difficult at times. But it's so worth it once you get it. Our process is designed to reduce the amount of time and frustration it takes to write a book. And our writing coaches are there to help you when you get stuck. Plus, your group is walking the same path with you. So, they'll be able to share tips from their own journey that may help you as well.

Every coach has written and published many books of their own, or they have ghost-written books for others. Our team has also helped write and publish hundreds of books for Christian authors just like you.

We do have publishing packages we can discuss with you on your call or later in the process.

We work across all communities and denominations. That means we don't always agree on specific meanings behind Scriptures or philosophies in living out the faith. We'll always be honest with you and share our beliefs and understanding in a loving and compassionate way. In the end, the message in the book is yours. And we'll write according to your perspective and understanding. 

The process typically takes 6-12 months from start to finish. The course material takes 12 weeks to go through, but we will be with you giving feedback and guidance for a year.

Speak to a Writing Coach

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Why You Need to Write Your Christian Book

and share your story with the world.

You've been feeling called to share a message. And that tug is because the world is desperate for the Spirit-breathed solutions that only YOU have through your life experiences and Biblical understanding.

Maybe you don't feel like a "writer." Or your tempted to doubt your abilities or whether or not your story will matter. We've been there.

But the truth is, there's someone out there who needs the perspective you have to offer, the hard truths you've learned through your lived experience. And the Christian Writing Coach program was created to slowly but surely help you pull that message out of your heart, align it with Biblical principles, and share it with the world.

Our writing coaches can help you gain the confidence to take your inspired message and put it into a book. That's why we say, "out of your heart and onto the page." And you'll have a guide to walk with you through every step of the 12-month process.

"My people perish for lack of knowledge." - Hosea 4:6

If you've been given wisdom, isn't it time to share?

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